Charlotte's Bum Butter for Girls - 60 g


Sugar and spice and everything nice! Charlotte's bum butter formula for baby girls consists of the same base as the formula for newborns, made out of nourishing and protecting raw cocoa and Shea butters and extra virgin cold pressed oils for maximum of nutrient content, coconut oil, sesame oil and castor oil as well as Sunflower oil loaded with vitamins and proteins to heal and help build their delicate new skin.

The forumulation for baby girls includes the healing and stimulating essential oils of Lavender, Sweet Orange and Vanilla. This anti-fungal aromatherapy blend is great for preventing and soothing the skin suffering with yeast infection. In a small amount safe enough for babies and children under 2 years of age.

A little will go a long way. You can use Charlotte’s Bum Butter for baby girls as a diaper cream on your baby’s bum or anywhere else on their tiny body where a little lubrication and protection is needed, such as their little hands to prevent hang nails or soothe eczema prone skin. Can be used anywhere on the body to keep that baby skin soft. Suitable for babies over 3 months young. As well as for toddlers in need of some soothing. And wonderful for moms to be to prevent stretch marks and nourish the skin on the body when breastfeeding demands a large amount of nutrients out of your body.

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