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Hygro+ Humidifier


Brand Babymoov

A must-have for our dry Canadian winters. Babymoov’s Hygro+ humidifier adds moisture into dry air and helps relieve your baby (and you!) of irritated, dry skin and congestion. It is recommended to keep a relative humidity level of 40% in your home, especially at night. Thanks to the automatic shut-off and its optimum runtime, you can relax at night with Hygro+!

Adjust the humidity level by hand or automatically and monitor it along with the room temperature on the backlit touch screen. The multi-coloured soothing night light is also controlled via the screen (you can choose one colour or rainbow effect!). This practical humidifier features an essential oil diffuser too.

Hygro+ has a very long runtime (up to 22 hr) and is suitable for use in rooms of up to 20 m².

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