I Can Be Anything by Shinsuke Yoshitake


A laugh-out-loud guessing game bedtime book!

It's time for bed, but Natsumi has a brilliant idea, even better than going to sleep: She'll pretend to be something and Mom will guess what she is! Ready?

Is she a caterpillar? An arrow sign? An upside-down bug?

Take your best guess, then laugh along with Natsumi and her mom as they play a pre-bedtime game of charades full of silliness and surprises! A delightfully silly read-aloud book for young children that helps soften bedtime routines

Part picture book, part guessing game! The interactive nature will keep kids turning the page! Perfect book for toddlers Fans of Guess Again, Interrupting Chicken, and Max and the Won't Go to Bed Show will love the clever kid-friendly humor of I Can Be Anything .

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