Life After Birth: Portraits Of Love And The Beauty Of Parenthood by Joanna Griffiths

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By Rizzoli

Intimate stories from notable and influential women that celebrate the early stages of life and the start of motherhood.

A book that changes the narrative about postpartum, Life After Birth illustrates what life is really like after birth—not just days and weeks later, but also years afterward. What is the transition to motherhood really like? From a parent in the military to a mother’s pregnancy of 42 weeks, Life After Birth is filled with accounts of strength, resilience, and power. Every birth is a unique story. While we tend to focus our attention on the arrival of a baby, in pregnancy parents are also introduced to a new self. Life After Birth reflects on the many physical changes as well as the myriad of feelings that are brought on by this transformation and the inseparable bond a new life brings. Revealing real experiences and raw emotions, this book is a celebration of life and a celebration of the human body.