MIO Playing Eating Sleeping Working + 2 People Play Set *Open Box*

$139.99 $109.98

Is it a house, a sailboat, a tree fort? Natural wood construction. All dolls have hand painted wood heads and beanbag bodies. The large storage box with built-in handle cut-outs and fitted cover double duty as large room and grassy patio. Includes 1 large room, 1 grassy patio, 2 rooms, 1 loft, 2 blocks, 1 hopscotch plank, 1 natural plank, 2 step pieces, 4 reversible tree/garden blocks, 4 pillars, 1 room divider plank, 1 graphic block, 15 cubes, 1 blanket, 1 pillow, 2 MIO beanbag people. Comes with a drawstring storage bag. Provides hours of open-ended imaginative play.

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