Stuff Every Grandmother Should Know by Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic



This pocket-sized guide has all the stuff you need to become the coolest grandma, mom-mom, or mimi on the block!

Becoming a grandmother is one of life’s biggest joys—but that doesn’t mean it’s simple! This handy gift book lays out all the wisdom, savvy, and know-how you’ll need to care for, cherish, and spoil your grandchildren from babyhood through the toddler years and beyond, including:

  • How to Pick Your Grandmother Nickname
  • Baby Equipment Essentials
  • How to Play Safe at Your Place
  • How to be Someone They Can Talk To
  • Tips for Sharing Your Memories
  • And more!

The lovely package and timeless information make this a perfect gift for seasoned grandmas and grandmas-to-be alike.