The HUGGABLE 6-in-1 Pregnancy, Body, Nursing/Feeding Pillow



The Huggable 6-in-1 Pregnancy, Body and Nursing/Feeding Pillow, is designed to address all of an expecting and new mom's needs, for more and better sleep, lower back, hip and pelvic area recovery, nursing and feeding and much more.

This luxurious pillow provides Mum head, neck and shoulder support, curves down for much needed back support, curls in between the legs/knees for pelvic/hip support to help reduce lower back pain and then tucks under the belly for baby bump support.

The Huggable 6 in 1 pillow also easily converts into the most comfortable and practical nursing/feeding pillow by simply raising one side of the pillow and wrapping the pillow arm in front of yourself for nursing or feeding. By converting the pillow into different positions it also becomes an amazing personal lounger and or as a baby lounger once baby is born.

All Ultimate Mum Pillows are 100% Canadian made, and filled with a Siliconized Hollow Fiber Fill Technology. These tiny fiber filaments glide and float seamlessly in each of our pillows. Comfortfill retains its fluffiness and loft after many uses and with an Ultimate Mum HealthGuard cover will never need washing or drying, therefore will always retain its fullness and never cluster or migrate.