Booties - Rainbow



mimiTENS BOOTIES stay on, no strings attached. 
These were designed with baby wearers in mind but they are perfect for being in the stroller or even around the house.  

This is NOT a winter boot.  Though the fabrics are good, they are not for being in the snow.  

mimiTENS BOOTIES are lined with 3M's Thinsulate (100 gram) and a 70/30 bamboo/organic cotton rayon fleece.

The soles are ultra suede so they are not slippy. 

With these BOOTIES, you can wash them in cold water and air dry. 


OUTSIDE: 100% water-repellent nylon
LINING: 3M Thinsulate + 70/30 bamboo/organic cotton rayon fleece
SOLE: 100 % polyester
CUFF: 90% cotton + 10% lycra