medela symphony pump rental program
  • Pump rental is available in-store only. Pump must be picked up from and returned to Love Me Do Baby & Maternity during regular hours of business.
  • A Symphony Pumping Kit (if you don't have one already) is required for the operation of the rental pump.
  • Minimum rental period is two (2) weeks
  • Anticipated rental period must be paid in full (i.e if expected return date is 1 month, charge for a whole month rental). Additional days (or periodic rate, whichever is calculated to be less) will be charged upon return. e.g. customer initially rents breast pump and is charged for a 2-week period, but decides to keep it for an additional twelve (12) days, instead of being charged for 2 weeks plus 12 days ($49.99 + [$4 x 12 days] = $97.95) , customer will be charged the monthly rate ($89.99).
  • Government-issued ID and credit card* must be present at time of rental.
  • A credit card pre-authorization for $100 will be processed at the start of the rental period. Where credit card is not provided, a cash deposit of $250 will be required. Pre-authorization or cash deposit will be returned upon return of equipment.
  • Rental customers will receive a reminder email or phone call two (2) days before the end of the rental period.
  • All rental rates are subject to HST.
  • Rates and policy are subject to change at Medela and/or Love Me Do Baby & Maternity's discretion.
  • As this is a medical device, rental fees may be covered by your insurance provider. Please call your insurance provider(s) to confirm.

Rental Rates (valid as of July 1, 2020):



Rate w/ HST




2 Weeks