Stix Construction Game (60pcs)



The Stix construction game from Oppi is an open and modular construction game that stimulates the creativity of children aged 3 to 12 years old.

The aim of the game ? Absolute freedom: create and reproduce all possible and unimaginable ideas. Planning, fine motor skills and creativity are the keys to creating amazing creatures, characters or buildings!

And for this, Stix hides a magical secret: the “rotating joint”! By combining the half-spheres and the silicone tubes, children obtain a rotating joint which allows them to freely orient and stabilize the constructions with the wooden planks! Silicone parts hold wooden boards in place and allow for endless possibilities.

  • The real advantage of Stix lies in its ability to be used alone or with others, making it an ideal construction game to play with the family.
  • Team members can cooperate to find solutions to design problems and help each other improve their communication and problem-solving skills.

4 game possibilities:

  1. Free play: The best rule is to have none! Build the creation of your choice but don't forget this important principle: if you want to connect different heights: use the ball joint system to make your construction as stable and creative as possible!
  2. Figurative play: With Stix, you can also create friends to play with: animals, buildings, bridges or even entire cities... Use the creative cards to help you and give you ideas!
  3. The Tower of Stix: Create the tallest tower without dropping any pieces. Try to place all the pieces you can (tubes, half-spheres and boards). Can you touch the ceiling?
  4. Battle of Stix: Test your balance and patience in this game mode! Place the first perfectly balanced board on one or more tubes, then continue building the tower by placing the same piece on each side.