The Little Frog Awakes by Eline Snel



Parenting toddlers can be challenging but mindfulness can help! The popular author of Sitting Still Like a Frog offers advice and tools for parents of kids ages 18 months-4 years to respond skillfully and with mindful intention, especially in difficult moments.

​In The Little Frog Awakes, Eline Snel offers parents of young children advice and tools for responding mindfully and effectively in the moment. These skills help us regain trust in ourselves and in the integral wholeness of our kids. And when we make mindfulness practice a part of daily life, it gives our children a powerful message on how to recognize, name, and deal with emotions and situations.  

This practical guide will help you to:
    connect with and respond mindfully to your own feelings as they arise
    cultivate compassion for yourself as a parent or caregiver through meditations and breathing practices
    encourage serenity, self-confidence, and emotional regulation in your children, through stories and activities
    strengthen your bond with your kids and help all of you manage stress
    be more fully present with your children, and more able to give them your undivided attention
    embrace imperfection and focus on the things that really matter
    and more 
The book and the accompanying audio include activities, practices, and stories for both you and for your toddler that cultivate mindful moments and action, and self-compassion.