Dekor Plus Diaper Pail Biodegradable Refills (2pk)

By Dekor


Diaper Dekor Refills are not actually bags at all—they’re one LONG, continuous liner, with no preset bag sizes or perforations, so you can empty your Dekor Diaper Pail at any time without wasting a whole trash bag.

You wouldn't leave fish in your kitchen trash can for more than a day, so why leave a really stinky diaper in a diaper pail for a week? With Diaper Dekor Refills, you can quickly and easily empty your diaper pail more frequently without wasting a whole trash bag.Dekor Refills are powder scented which aids in combating odor, and they’re made out of strong, stretch-resistant plastic that won’t rip! Don’t let the knock-offs fool you, Dekor Refills have exclusive end-of-liner markings, which alert you before you run out.

Dekor will make changing your baby’s diapers easier. You’ll have to do it 6,000-9,000 times before your baby is potty trained, so you may as well make this task as easy as possible!