Blank Clothing Labels - Eklin



Our no-sew, iron-on blank labels are super soft and great for tagless clothing including uniforms, socks and hats. The clothing labels are non-irritating, BPA-free and laundry safe.

Write your text with permanent marker then iron the labels onto clothing using the sheets included with your labels. Personalize tagless clothing, uniforms and gym clothes for school.

TIP: Use these blank iron-on labels to cover personalized iron-on labels and pass on the hand-me-down.

Size: 1-7/8” x 7/16” (48mm x 11mm)

•Waterproof & Laundry safe
•Super soft, non-irritating 
•Non-PVC & BPA
•Instructions in English, French & Spanish
•Suitable for most clothing 
•Set includes 2 designs