Toddler Pillow with Bamboo Pillowcase (1-3T) - Stars White



Help your little bubs achieve proper spine and neck alignment while they sleep using the perfect-sized pillow. Our contoured Sorona ® foam toddler pillow allows for airflow and helps distribute weight evenly, providing maximum support to allow your toddler to sleep comfortably.

With two different height options, your toddler can grow with this pillow. Simply rotate the pillow 180 degrees once they're 2 to 3 years old.

Our small toddler pillow comes with a super soft bamboo pillowcase that is easy to remove and wash. Our beautiful Stars White print depicts the endless and clear night sky, with shooting stars that little dreamers can wish upon.


  • Sorona® foam fill for even weight distribution
  • Pillow has 2 sides with different height options
  • Includes removable bamboo pillow case


45cm x 30cm

2.5cm height recommended for ages 1-2

3.5cm height recommended for ages 2-3