Connected Illuminate Duo Bundle



Connected Illuminate Duo Bundle ships in 3 to 5 business days or as indicated below.

The Safety 1st Connected App is the only app that empowers parents to create the optimal environment with minimal effort from high-tech premium features; from setting the mood, monitoring your baby, and comfort their needs—anytime, from anywhere. This easy-to-use, family friendly app seamlessly controls and manages every device in the Connected Suite, giving parents the confidence and peace of mind, they need to stay connected to their child, and the response-ability, even when they’re apart.

The Connected Suite Illuminate Duo includes the two key pieces necessary to start building the smartest, most comforting room in the house.

iOS & Android Compatible, and works W/Alexa, there isn’t much room for failure! Experience the full Safety 1st Connected Suite today, for your healthy dose of helpful, convenient, connectivity. You won’t believe your parents did it any other way!

ALWAYS BE BY YOUR BABY’S SIDE WITH THE WIFI BABY MONITOR HD livestream! Crystal clear night vision helps you to see better! Fully encrypted so you can have the peace of mind of a secure connection. Customize motion sensitivity and sound detection. Two-way talkback feature helps to comfort baby in the event they cry when you need to be in two places at once.

DON’T WAKE THE LITTLE ONE! Our Under the Crib Smart Light gently glows beneath your little one’s crib or bed, so you won’t wake them with pesky buttons on overly bright baby night lights during check-ins. Automatically and handsfree!  A built-in motion sensor the light activates upon your approach to the bed side. The ability to customize lighting, brightness, and colors or select from six recommended lighting pre-sets will be sure to fit you, and your growing baby’s room theme for the years to come! 

Features & Benefits:

  • Wi-Fi and app controlled
  • Adjustable LED color and brightness
  • Quiet operation with digital controls
  • Night light and sound machine
  • Stream crystal clear 1080p HD video while using less data.
  • iOS & Android CompatibleB26
  • Voice control works with Alexa or Google Assistant