Roamer - Dune

By Stonz


Perfect baby & toddler shoe for warm weather, Roamer is designed to adapt to various activities, from playing at the park to adventures in sand or water. 

Flexible design with grippy TPU sole & insole supports healthy foot development and builds confidence in children as they transition from crawling to cruising and walking. It's also perfect for helping them grow independence, mobility, and self-sufficiency. The shoe opens wide, making pulling on over little feet easier.

  • Cutest Quick Dry Summer Shoes: Sun? Sand? Surf? Roamer is the perfect shoe for all warm weather outings at the beach, park, splashpad or strolling the neighborhood. This barefoot water shoe will shed excess moisture through the knitted upper, as well as the perforated insole to reduce absorption – even remove insoles for faster dry times.
  • Barefoot Feeling: Designed to support healthy foot development, with thin, flexible soles, a wide toe box & stiff heel. The custom sole of this barefoot shoe’s construction moves comfortably with the foot and allows natural bending and flexing while protecting heels & toes. Zero-drop sole means both heel & toe are at the same height, keeping joints & spine in natural alignment.
  • Durable & Easy to Maintain: Stretchy flyknit upper provides supreme comfort while being resistant to stretching out over time. The TPU sole is durable and resistant to dirt and oils, with terrific grip for slippery surfaces like rocky beaches & boardwalks. If they get messy, you can easily machine wash them on a gentle cycle for a refresh.
  • Vegan & non-toxic: the TPU sole is PVC-free and Phthalate-free. Vegan flyknit uppers are soft against the skin & PFC-free, & free of heavy metals & other toxic substances. The insole is made of recycled materials specially designed to keep little feet comfy.