The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp, M.D.


A completely revised and updated second edition of one of the most popular and bestselling parenting books of all time, by America's favourite pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp.
Harvey Karp, M.D. shares his groundbreaking approach to calming your new baby's crying and transforming your infant into the happiest baby on the block! His highly successful method is based on four revolutionary concepts:
1. Create the Fourth Trimester: How to re-create the womblike atmosphere your newborn baby still yearns for.
2. Find the Calming Reflex: An "off switch" all babies are born with, which quickly soothes fussing and crying.
3. Use the 5 S's: "5 s's: Swaddling, Side lying, Shushing, Swinging, and Sucking are the keys to creating the 4th trimester; they turn on a baby's amazing calming reflex.
4. Apply the Cuddle Cure: How to combine the 5 S's to calm even colicky babies.